Ratiu Mircea

  • Ratiu Mircea
  •      Membru decedat
  •      Mecanica tehnica
  • 11 octombrie 1923

Experienta profesionala

Mircea Raţiu was born October 11, 1923 in city Turda, Romania. 

Educated at Polytechnic Institute Timisoara, Romania -IPT- he graduated as Electro-mechanical engineer in 1948, and received the Doctor of Engineering degree  in Strength and Testing of Materials in 1967. He lived in city of Timisoara until 1978, when was obliged to leave his native country and he settled with his wife in Oakland, California, USA, as political refugees. 

He started his career in 1948 as assistant/associated  professor  at  Strength  of  Materials chair, IPT ;He  was  fired for political  reason  first in 1951 and later in 1956. In 1968-1978 he was assigned as advisor for doctoral studies in Strength and Material Testing. In 1994, the University Polytechnica Timisoara conferred the title of Honorary Professor. He jointed the research programs (1950-1969) of  the  Material  Mechanics  Laboratories of  Timisoara, Romanian Academy Branch.

His technical activity in Romania started as design engineer for cranes and mechanical testing equipment (1950-1954) at the Machine Design Institute Timisoara. Transferred to the National Institute of Metrology (1954-1969), he established the National Standard Laboratories Force/Hardness Measurements, and Mechanical Testing in Timisoara. 

He designed/built the original-patented standard equipment; for his  achievements  he was  honored  with  the Scientific  Merit  Order (1966). In 1969 he is assigned as scientific director to organize the Welding and  Material Testing Institute ISIM- in Timisoara. He managed  the research/ development of welded structures design -fabrication. For his contributions to Danube Bridge Construction ”Giurgeni-Vadul Oii” he is awarded in 1972 with  the Work Order. Discharged in 1975,he continued his activity as principal researcher until  June 1978.    

In the USA his activity was dedicated to technical assistance for the safety qualification of nuclear power  plants, in construction and/or operations. As senior engineer at EDS Nuclear, San Francisco (1978-1983), he provided  seismic design qualifications for power plant components and implemented the  Fracture  Mechanics Analysis Programs for protection against brittle failure for pressure vessels and piping during operation cooling accident. He resumed this activity as senior technical specialist at IMPELL Corp., in Walnut Creek and, later, in San Ramon, California-(1983-1993)- developing: Elastic-plastic Stress Analyses for the integrity/operability qualification; Fracture  Control Plans for pressure parts, with service induced damages; Plant Life Extension and Failure  Analyses. After retirement (1994) as consultant /advisor, in California, at: TRANSNUCLEAR  WEST, Fremont DUKE Engineering  Services, San Ramon, CALCET California Consulting Engineering/Technology, San Leandro, VECTRA Technologies, San Jose, a.o. provided: fitness for service validations/structural integrity analyses for: power plants, welded structures, and containment system for spent nuclear fuel. His  expertise in Stress Analysis,  Fracture Mechanics,  Mechanical  Metallurgy, Welded Structure Design, and  Metrology is mentioned in “Who’s Who” Science Europe (1978), Marquis “Who’s Who” Science and Engineering (1993). His priority  to Foundation  of  Sclerometry are  revealed  in the OIML International  Organization Legal Metrology documents.    

He published/ presented  over 150 papers/transactions in: USA, Germany, France, URSS, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania. He published  books in Romania as coauthor: “Force Measurement Technique” (1961;1964); “Testing Analyses Metals” (1966), and author: “Reliability Applications Mechanical Design” (1973), “Sclerometry Elements” (1998), “Strength  Reliability  Researches” (2003), ”Material Testing  Metrology” (2004).